The search for peace with pen

Never know what’ll happen
when I let the page drink in the ink
one more moment caught in time
full of what I feel and think,
tranquil seas caressing violent islands
and me there on the brink
strings of words that somehow matter
and between us formed, a link.

Absurdity risked for humanity shared
out here off the ledge
all of me shared with all of you,
the smoothest slope to the sharpest edge
and some of the weight that’s mine to carry
spilled to be heard and be read
searching for souls among you
to help with these demons in my head.

There are roads to travel that start right here
and hopes they know some ease.
There are days to follow these few words
and prayers for some release
from the darkened thoughts that come at times
and the fears that never truly leave,
so we meet right here,
with the pen,
on the page,
in our search to find some peace.

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