The time I drove drunkenly into the side of a moving cop car

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On this date 16 years ago, I woke up in a holding cell in West Virginia’s South Central Regional Jail. Once I got processed and sent back to general population, I found that I was a bit of a celebrity with the inmates I would spend the day with–before I got bonded out in the afternoon. It seems that criminals think highly of a guy who drives drunkenly into the side of a moving cop car. They had learned of my accident on the local news.

I didn’t have quite the same opinion of myself; in fact, I was extremely embarrassed by their attempts to talk me up, pat me on the back, and give me high fives. The respect they wanted to bestow upon me made me feel that much more embarrassed and guilty. As heinously crappy as you might imagine that day was, that made it much worse.

I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff in my life, but I’ve done very little of it sober. That’s just one reason that I love living a sober life. A sober life isn’t a perfect life, and I still make my share of mistakes, but those mistakes are made with good conscience, and my head never hangs anywhere near as deeply as it did on that day. Nor do my friends and family members have to be embarrassed to call me one of their in-group.

I say this for this, friends; if you have any habit in your life that makes you spend portions of your life in such embarrassment, you might want to question yourself about it. You can get through it; I know, because I’m proof of it. Maybe you’ll need help to do so. If that’s the case, find it. I can tell you from experience you’ll be glad you did.

I haven’t had a drink in six years, nine months, and 13 days.

I love you all, and I’m sorry to all of those I hurt in my years of problem drinking. I can’t take anything back, but at least I’m doing what I can to make sure I don’t hurt others in such fashion these days.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you back here sometime soon.

2 Replies to “The time I drove drunkenly into the side of a moving cop car”

  1. Paul, I’m proud to call you friend. No matter the mistakes we make in life; so long as we own them, apologize for them and do better because of them. We are all on this big boat we call earth together; the seas may be rough at times but it’s how we weather the storm.
    Your friend
    Terry Warntz

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