Despite Earlier Reports, A Charlie Brown Christmas Will Air on Public TV (Here’s the Schedule for When It Will Air)

Back in October, millions of Americans, including me, were disappointed to learn that A Charlie Brown Christmas would not air on regular television; rather, it was announced that the beloved holiday classic would only air on Apple TV+.

Apple has apparently heard the clamor of the multitudes, and now the beloved classic will not only be available on the streaming service for free, for nonsubscribers, for three days in December, it will also have showings on PBS and PBS Kids.

For subscribers, the special will be available to stream on Apple TV+ beginning December 4. Then, it will be available for nonsubscribers on that service from December 11-13.

For fans who want to watch it on a good old fashioned Zenith, it will air on PBS and the PBS Kids website on December 13 at 7:30.

4 Replies to “Despite Earlier Reports, A Charlie Brown Christmas Will Air on Public TV (Here’s the Schedule for When It Will Air)”

    1. But it is a relief. I have nothing against streaming services. Like most American families, we subscribe to quite a few of them. But there are certain things that should be public domain. They can make their money on things like Mandalorian, but when it comes to the classics, they shouldn’t make it so people can’t have access to them because they don’t care to subscribe or can’t afford to.

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