Journey Releases First Single in a Decade,”The Way We Used to Be,” Promises New Album and Upcoming Tour

Journey in 2013

Like many people, Journey lead guitarist Neal Schon took the lockdown from the pandemic as an opportunity to work. Schon. The band’s new song, “The Way We Used to Be,” started in the many loops that the guitarist created and shared with his followers on TikTok during the lockdown. He sent the music track off to the band’s keyboardist, Jonathon Cain, who quickly sent it back with a vocal track. Shon said the result made him smile and say, “We still got it.”

Indeed, if the new track is any indication, it does seem that Jouney still has it. Yes, it’s an umpempo pop song, but Shon’s guitars are more akin to rock and roll guitars, and the whole thing just works.

Knowing you folks–and your the age group many of you represent–I thought you might be interested to hear this.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. Be well, friends. See you back here soon.

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