“She Was Dancing Like Nobody Was Watching” from the forthcoming The Philosophical Verses (Vol. 2)

Cover of The Philosophical Verses (Vol. 2)

My second poetry book will be coming soon. I’m currently in the editing and compiling process, and I thought I would share one of the poems that will be included.

She was dancing like nobody was watching 

She was dancing like nobody was watching, 
moving to a song nobody else heard. 
She was lost without thought in a moment 
speaking a language much higher than words. 

She was one with it all; it was in her, 
filling her full and stretching her seams. 
She was the owner of now in her spirit, 
and infinity was where she lived in her dreams. 

She had said “no” to the structures of power 
choosing not to care about  
what they said that she must 
now there’s no end to the blissfully spent hours 
and despite our interest in her, 
she pays none of her mind to us. 

And she dances and vibes, and she flails 
lost in a realm you could only hope to know 
with its abandon and the freedom it entails 
and the delicious and delirious places to go. 

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