Kabul, Afghanistan (August 26, 2021)

This is the newest piece in The Philosophical Verses (Vol. 2).

This is not a political poem; it’s just sad.

Kabul, Afghanistan 
August 26, 2021 

When all hope is lost, 
terrified people will affix themselves to  
the sides of departing jets, 
rather than face the surging terror. 
Death from the fall is preferred 
to death at its murderous hands.  

No words come to create  
the second stanza of a poem 
that so begins. 
This poet cannot align that thought 
with any other image, 
and blessedly so. 

That might beg the question  
of whether there’s even enough here 
for a poem at all. 
Perhaps it’s the manner of subject 
that would best be treated in prose. 

But around here, to treat 
such a subject in prose would be 
to send a call to all 
to come and cast their blames and 
to stand their party lines, 
and that would add injustice 
to these lives so torn apart. 

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