Beats All You Ever Saw, Been in Trouble with the Law…

From the ranks of “Oh, how the mighty have fallen” we get a story about the recent arrest of Tom Wopat. That’s right, Luke Duke is behind bars.

Maybe I was wrong when I said that race wasn’t the primary reason behind all of the hoopla that surrounds OJ Simpson, because you saw the attention that whole deal got, but nobody seems to be talking about Tom Wopat. This is probably the first you’re hearing about it. Yes, OJ was one of the greatest players in what is probably the second biggest sport in the world, but we’re talking about Luke Duke here, just a good ol’ boy never meanin’ no harm. Surely, something is making the press not flock to this; race could be a factor.

He didn’t even mean any harm when he (allegedly) stuck his hands down the pants of a woman associated with his current project, a production of 42nd Street in the town of Waltham, Massachusetts. (I’m not an actor, so I speak with no great authority, but if you were a TV star a quarter of a century ago and your current production is in Waltham, Mass, you might want to practice saying this: “I used to be an actor.”)

I don’t know what to say. Is there nothing right in this Universe anymore? Who’s gonna drive the General Lee? (What? Bo drove the General Lee? OK.) Then who’s gonna ride shotgun? Who’s gonna supply the yee-haws when Bo peels out and throws dust and cinders all over Roscoe? Who’s gonna hold on tight when they jump the creek because of a washed out bridge? How are we supposed to carry on?

And apparently the 65 year-old actor wasn’t just charged with assault, but when the cops showed up to arrest him, he was carrying some cocaine. “You see, your Honor, I didn’t mean any harm. It was the cocaine. Stuff makes me all crazy, but I have to take it for my allergies…or my rheumatis’. I gotta bad hip.” A sorry state of affairs indeed.

And what would Waylon say, or Uncle Jesse? It might be better that they didn’t live to see this.

3 Replies to “Beats All You Ever Saw, Been in Trouble with the Law…”

  1. It definitely is a race thing, as much as I hate to admit it. The cocaine thing though… I dont know. I mean, sometimes I use cocaine to curve my beer cravings, lol. I wonder what his excuse for that was. Please tell me it wasn’t for allergies, that’s a worse excuse than beer cravings.

    1. Funny. That’s kind of like the chick in the movie who never smoked but got addicted to Nicorette by bumming from her boyfriend. She was thinking about taking up smoking to kick her Nicorette habit. You keep rocking, Brian. I appreciate so much your interest here. I’ll try to keep you supplied with interesting stuff. Much love.

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