A Quick Update

Beautiful people,

I’ve only a bit of time for a quick update, as I’ve the third draft of the novel to complete today, as well as some chores around here. If the remnants of Hurricane Harvey move in quicker than the forecast, I may have longer. Let’s pray for that, why don’t we? You can’t much mow in the midst of hurricane residuals; that’s like a rule; I think it’s written down somewhere. Maybe. Perhaps. Should be.

We’re a full two months into this experiment, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how well it’s going. From July 1st until now, you’ve combined to read 1,235 of these pieces. What’s more, yesterday’s 56 views was a record for me, and we’ve already bested that with 61 today. (The day goes from 8:00 to 8:00, for some reason; that’s probably something I could fix, but whose got time for that?)

So, that’s that. I’ll catch up soon, even sooner if it rains. I should have the third draft of the The Situation with Phillip completed the next time we speak. At that point, I should start sending out queries in hopes to find an agent. You good folks get on me about that, if I need.

Hey, there is an amazing day out there waiting for all of us, we just have to find it.

How’s that for some daisies and butterflies up your bum?

Btw, sometimes you just have to start the day’s music with a little KISS. I started today with what is probably my favorite of their albums, 1982’s Creatures of the Night. Let me tell you, if you like rock and roll, even if you don’t care for KISS, it’s worth a spin.

One more thing, if you read something here you think might benefit others, I’d appreciate it so much if you’d mention it to them.

Love you. Treat each other well and make good decisions.


3 Replies to “A Quick Update”

  1. It’s funny, but I had the song “Crazy Crazy Nights” in my head. I know, not their best. And Lord only knows why that song came into my head; what I’ve not forgotten about crazy nights, I’ve tried. Anywho, never got that far. Listened to all of Cratures and most of Destroyer. Then, sadly, it didn’t rain.

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