Big Day Wednesday

And I’m spent. The agent to whom I queried the novel suggested that I grow my social media presence by getting involved on professional sites where writers and agents converge, so I followed up the work Paul and I did Tuesday by joining LinkedIn. Seems like that’s going to be a quite involved deal, but all of this is nothing but hard work, so I’ll just weave that into the rest of it.

Tuesday’s work proved quite productive. Today was one of the biggest days I’ve had on this site. It was the third highest number of confirmed posts read or viewed, and it was also the third highest number of visitors I’d ever had–and the most I’d had in about 13 weeks. So, things are continuing to progress.

Thanks for being part of that; I hope you can help me keep it going tomorrow (Thursday). Please do use the share buttons if you read something you like or if there’s something you read earlier that you think others can take something from.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring as far as posts go. I need to start looking for some more potential agents, so that will probably take precedence. If that’s the case, I’ll probably just dump another of those old poems off on you.

But bear with me; it’s a multi-faceted process, and I’m just taking it as it comes.

One thing I did get done today was the categorization of all the posts. Those categories should be on the right of your screen, and they should help you stick with the type of posts you prefer.

Anywho, like always at around midnight on Wednesday night, I’m spent, so I’m going to sign off.

Truly, truly, truly thanks for you interest and support, beautiful people. I continue to be amazed, humbled, and touched.

Until soon, be nice to one another.

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