…and it always goes back to the scattering”–a poem from the pocket

PS: I simply can’t recall the last time I wrote a piece that seems as important to me as a writer on the path to where I have to get to. (Sue me for questionable grammar, but anything more than a nickel and I won’t pay.) Every so often one of these comes along; “Heaven” is one of them, and a poem called “Scattering” that you haven’t read yet. Now you have this; it’s big for me. Thanks for reading. Also, the comments thus far expand on the thoughts I think. Btw, Baron Rayleigh–my Physics teacher called him “Lord Rayleigh”–is the guy who discovered the process that gives the sky it’s color. It is called “Rayleigh’s scattering.” The great thing about the scattering is this; most people assume that something like that is happening, but what they don’t realize is that if you look closely and deeply enough you can see it happening.

…and it always goes back to the scattering

I love the relationship between

the set and the subset

and the algebraic formulas

that either expand or retract

to an answer that is

no more or no less than

if that was this then what is that?


I get lost in that definite point

that is nothing but itself, but,

because of it’s atomic construction,

is nothing but everything else.


Lord Rayleigh’s scattering is happening,

and the warm summer air says,

“You will be there too,”

as children sing songs about

what kind of skies

will make a sailor happy.

2 Replies to “…and it always goes back to the scattering”–a poem from the pocket”

  1. I love how you use action and the reaction! It creates a great never ending feeling. I love how T.S. Elliot this feels!

    1. Dude, TS is straight up my man. His thoughts on the writer’s mind (he says “poet”) being a cauldron where everything is just there waiting for things to rise up and present themselves when they’re needed is probably the single most important thought to my success at becoming a real writer and not a poser. What a nice thing for you to say. Thanks, brother.

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