Fishermen–a poem (caution: drug references)

What do you get when you mix me, Lake Trout, Zen Fishermen, and mushrooms? This. Rhonda Fields, Nick Holmes, and Shawn Beckner might recall this night. Oh, what crazy days.




Legend has it that once when

my father was about five years old

he hid in the trunk of a car so that

he could go on a forbidden fishing trip.


The same legend holds that

he caught the biggest fish.


About 70 years later my father died.

Everyone still called him “Fisher.”


Lord, but I hope that I’m doing this right.




Knowing that Shawn Beckner and I

shared similarities in Baptist beginnings,

I once asked him why he considers himself a Buddhist.

He told me that he had converted because

Buddhism is easier.

Sometime after that, Shawn’s musical search

spawned the band Zen Fishermen.


Zen Fishermen opened the show tonight,

and Lake Trout closed it down.

We swam in the musical streams all night.


Shawn Beckner’s grandfather was a Baptist minister

like my father, Fisher.

Shawn Beckner’s band is called Zen Fishermen,

they played with the Lake Trout this evening..


All great civilizations are built on river systems.


The New and Gauley Rivers

meet to form the Kanawha, downtown.


Lord, but I hope that I’m doing this right.

You know how scared I am.

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