Still alive (First Mention of The Lonely Arena)

Hello, friends. I hope you’re well. All is well here. So much has happened since we last spoke that I can’t even begin to tell you it all; it’s just life, basically, keeping up a home, minding a family, raising kids.

The boys are playing soccer and still wrestling some. Simon, our youngest, got a concussion wrestling, and that dominated about two weeks of our lives. Other than that, not too much stands out.

I have continued to do research on the nonfiction book I’m about to offer to a selected group of potential agents. I’m not really prepared to say anything about the actual subject matter right now. I will tell you two things, however; it is a faith-based book, and the title is The Lonely Arena.

I got a first draft of the query letter written before Simon’s concussion (he got a good follow up report from the doctor last Monday, and he hasn’t missed any school because of it since last Friday week), but all that took precedence over cleaning that letter up and searching The Writer’s Market for agents who might fit.

Now, this very evening actually, right after I post this, I’m going to pick that process back up. My laundry is done and put away, the lawn is done, and I’ve already gotten my run in for the day, so nothing is keeping me from seeing what comes next. It really is an exciting time.

It’s a quietly exciting time, however, less manic than writing and/or publishing potential had in the past. I’ve changed my life plans some I think. Nearing 53 and in decent health, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may retire a bartender. I’ve even looked into the financial aspects of this, and I’m pretty cool with it all. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll write a best seller or a widely released Hollywood screenplay, but I’m prepared for that not to happen.

I have too good of a life to wish it away. Everyone should be as blessed as I am, as our family is. Realizing that, and loving my family and my family life the way that I do, I’m not going to take time away from it on unnecessary dreams. Yes, I’m still going to be a writer because it’s what I am, but I’m a husband and father first, and, while I haven’t put my writing ahead of those positions for some time now, it takes more of a back seat than it ever has.

If the Lord wills that it becomes profitable to the point that I can take off the other hat, that will be swell, but it’ll still be swell if He doesn’t. If what I write moves people, that’ll be just fine too.

So, that’s where we are; we’re so well, so fortunate, so blessed. You’ll be hearing from me next sooner than you did this time. Sometime soon you’ll be hearing more about The Lonely Arena. Those of you who were around for the querying process of The Situation with Phillip can expect to be kept in the loop in similar fashion. And we’ll see where it goes from there. No matter what, I have faith it’ll all be good.

I am in no way overstating it when I say I love all of you dearly and that you’re in my prayers.

Until soon, be good to each other.

6 Replies to “Still alive (First Mention of The Lonely Arena)”

  1. Good deal PK! Take care of your family and yourself (lord knows I had take care of you! Haha). I just want a free signed copy when you do publish or become Scorsese! Love you homie!


      1. Thanks, Kelly. I always appreciate your support and interest. Am I wrong, but weren’t you the first follower this site ever had? I think that’s the case, but you were definitely on of the first if not. It’s so gratifying to see the old friends still reading, especially after such inactivity. Love to the old grouch. I’ll see y’all soon.

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