Cotton Candy Grapes follow-up

OK, so I didn’t tell you how the Cotton Candy Grapes actually taste. Well, if you like grapes and you like cotton candy, then you’re going to like cotton candy grapes. Cotton Candy Grapes taste like you heated cotton candy until it was a liquid and then shot it into the grapes. It ain’t nuthin’ but pure sorcery.

That’s what brings around my biggest hang-up with food like this; it isn’t that they got grapes to taste like cotton candy, it’s how they did it. I mean, grapes are good for you, sure, but are they good enough for you to risk all the molecular sorcery them scientists are up to now. It’s great that flavoring them like cotton candy might help you get a kid to eat grapes, but if what they did to them is even worse for you than not eating grapes, should we even make the effort.

And what kind of powerlessness are these parents experiencing that they’re having problems getting kids to eat their grapes? I mean, the thing has gone totally off the tracks if you don’t hold any more sway than that. This isn’t putting cheese on broccoli or making ‘tussin tastes like cherries; they’re grapes for crying out loud, don’t they taste good enough without having to make them taste like something better. That’s like taking pizza and thinking it’ll be more palatable if you make it taste like ice cream.

Sometimes I just don’t know.

Oh well, call me confused about the whole deal.

Much love, beauties. Off to work now.

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