“Heaven”–a poem

Dear friends,

For reasons I don’t care to explain right now, 2005 was, straight up, an weird year for me. All of that time between graduating from college, in December of 2003, and meeting Becky, in the Spring of 2006, was somehow twisted for me mentally. It was undoubtedly a period of growth, but my mind was stretched and searching. I was coming to terms with accepting my system of belief, understanding that it wasn’t enough to believe in something, but that I had to own those beliefs, no matter how incomprehensible they were to everyone else.

This poem came out of that. Now, these 12 years later, I’m pleased to find that I believe in these words even more than I did; they are something I don’t mind owning at all.

Have a blessed day.





Waves and rays,

infinite eternal energy;

the pluck of a non-existent guitar string;

the beam with no need of sun;

beings who move atoms like

unappetizing beans on a plate,

creating every desire,

removed from such baggage as

knowledge and, its offspring, doubt.

What does “naked” mean?

No need of fig leaves here.

What a preposterous and egotistical notion

to think that “In His own image”

somehow has something to do with

whether or not the dyslexic’s doG

has an opposable thumb.

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