When I talk about the “we” of this website

While not eating as well as I should for breakfast and looking at the numbers for this site, I see that things are really starting to grow. No, there isn’t anything astronomical happening–my present goal is for 20 visitors a day, which we’re hitting–but the growth is now steady and it looks like interest is just expanding. That will stop at some point, but it doesn’t look like that will be soon. The social and social media structures of support are all in place, so, the potential audience, at five months in, is set.

I’m so pleased with the things we’ve done to establish this site in those five months. I say “we,” and of course that includes Paul Zartman, who is also a site administrator. Paul has shot most of the video and pictures, and he has even written a post as an introduction to one of the videos he shot and posted (Not sure which one, but it was probably “Child’s Play,” but it might have been “Keeping up with Shawn Beckner.”)

So, of course I include Paul; his help, support, skill set, social media savvy skills are so much a part of the base of what has been accomplished. It can’t be too great of an understatement when I say that this site would pale in comparison to what it is if Paul hadn’t taken an interest. Some things I would have figured out, but I’d quite simply be nowhere with others.

Still, I include you as well. There aren’t thousands of you but there are certainly enough of you to not mention you all here. You know who you are, and you know the impact you’ve had on this experiment; you know, because we’ve talked about it. It has come up in conversation and I’ve literally told you how much it means. Well, first you gotta get this: I am no type of man who says things just to say them, nor am I a blower of smoke up backsides. When I said it, I meant it.

There are others with whom I haven’t spoken, texted, posted, or anything; and you check “like” or you share a post. Being able to see that you did those things, I know it, and I’m so appreciative. You are the ones this message is ultimately for. I see that you do these things, and maybe you and I won’t have occasion to speak anytime soon for me to thank you personally, so thank you. I see it, and it means so much that you come back daily, or close to it, and see what I have to say.

And that’s who the “we” is when I speak about the “we” of this website. I can’t tell you how much it means that you folks have thrown in with me, but you’ve let me know you have, and it’s touching. You are who I’m thinking of when I come to this screen. My first question is what can I give these friends to reinforce their decision to come and see what I have for them. Every word I write, this one now, and this one now, I write with the hopes that it is precisely the right word to give to precisely you right now.

The right word now is thanks.

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