Blockchain Application for Charities and Humanitarian Aid–from Blockchain Times (Thoughts on the double bottom line)

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I don’t post all of these articles, but just the ones that really highlight the real-time benefits that blockchain technology is producing in the world. This isn’t bitcoin or anything from the investment space; rather, this is people being helped by the technological advancements humanity has made. There’s no pie in the sky; the pie is right here, right now.

There’s a phrase that has been catching on in these business spaces; that phrase is “the double bottom line.” The bottom line concerns how much money you’re making, while the double bottom line refers to how much good you’re doing in the world.

I share things about companies who are focused on the double bottom line. Every company I present here is working to make the world a better place for someone. That’s why I think they are worth the look.

Be well, friends. Thanks and love.

Applying Blockchain to Charities and Humanitarian Aid

5 Replies to “Blockchain Application for Charities and Humanitarian Aid–from Blockchain Times (Thoughts on the double bottom line)”

    1. Thanks, Ravi. I liked this one too. Like I said there, these where people are using the tech to help people are the ones that I’m drawn to. Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend.

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